Together, we can end childhood cancer


There are over 6 million children with special healthcare needs in the US.

Every day, 43 children are diagnosed with cancer.

40,000 children are in treatment right now.

1 in 8 children will not survive.

The Solution

Team Kaden Foundation has partnered with leading cancer research firm CureSearch and the business community to fund the rapid development and testing of new cures.

Our Mission

To support children with critical medical needs and their families through heartbreaking times.

To fast track cancer research and rapid cure development.

To provide scholarships to area high school graduates that propel them into a future of civic service.

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"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members."

Coretta Scott King

Together, WE GOT THIS!


Team Kaden Foundation has provided over $100,000 to families with children in medical need, and alleviated stress in the most difficult time so that they can focus on their children and their family rather than the illness and the medical bills that come with it.


Team Kaden Foundation has provided over $20,000 in scholarships to outstanding Sullivan High School graduates, recognizing students who not only excel as academic leaders, but also in community activities, volunteer work, and personal drive. By paying it forward, these young adults can continue to make a big impact.
cancer research


Team Kaden Foundation has provided over $35,000 to leading cancer research firm CureSearch to improve treatment and focus on helping children with cancer beat it and live long, healthy lives.

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You can make a difference.


Our partner CureSearch is the leading edge of cancer research, focused on rapid cure development and clinical trials to advance new treatments for approval specifically for childhood illness.

Together, we are on the critical path.  You can help find the cure.

A portion of your donation contributes directly to life saving medicine.


Every single dollar counts.

Your tax deductible contribution will directly help families with children in medical crisis around Mid Missouri and help us to expand resources to help more and more communities in the state.

Do you know a family struggling with medical bills for their child's treatment?  Let us know.


The Kaden Keller Memorial Scholarship awards outstanding high school graduates at Sullivan High School where Kaden would have graduated in 2019.

The scholarship aims to propel them into a career of civic service so that they may go on to help others.

To apply for the scholarship please contact us.

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